A downloadable game for Windows

Surviville is a game where you can battle the deadliest monsters. Challenge the most fearsome beings. Slaughter the most innocent chickens. With a large variety of weapons you can either make or find on corpses! Besides being a bloodthirsty, savage monster, you can build, maybe run away from a group of bandits while doing so. If that doesn't interest you, how about the endless amount of crafting recipes? Many a swords and pickaxes are waiting to be swung by your hand!

The full game will include, torches, boats, more land to run on, more monsters, more books and crafting recipes, more armor, more weapons, more food items, more magic, potion making, less bugs, more balancing, choosing your character, wheather, randomly generated worlds, and much more!

If you want to see the game's progress, go to my devlog. Or just click this link :


Install instructions

1. Open the 'surviville.exe' file.

2. Click the 3 dots next to the long white bar to change where it will be installed.

3. Click 'OK'.

4. Go to the location you installed the game in.

5. Open 'Game.exe'


Surviville Installer 191 MB


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is this rpg maker?

Yes it is.

Is there a way to full screen the game?

Yes, simply press 'alt' and 'enter' at the same time and the game should full screen.

this is cool but its annoying you made a long path tyo the desert !

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Thank you for your feedback! When the full game releases, maps will be randomly generated, so it may be worse ;).

This has nothing to do with the game but i really like your Humor

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Not letting me download it.

Can you give a bit more information? What's your OS?